Welcome to a New Year!


Welcome to a new year in the NEW Douglas Community Garden!

You may have noticed the Douglas Community Garden getting a facelift! Thanks to a grant from The Whole Kids Foundation (of Whole Foods), we have been re-building and re-imagining its possibilities. The Douglas staff are busy hauling new dirt and planting fall veggies to get it started (go teachers!) – watch the garden for progress and growth in the coming weeks!

Meanwhile, we hope to create a great “garden community” in addition to a great community garden. How you (students and parents) can help now:

  • Cheer on your teachers! Tell them how great the garden is looking and thank them for their hard work (Seriously. They wheelbarrowed soil across campus in heat and humidity!)
  • Ask them which garden box is theirs and what they have growing. Check the progress and share what you notice.
  • Join the Garden Club (for students)
  • Join the Green Dragons Committee (for parents and students)
  • Offer to help or volunteer in other ways

We’re looking forward to a great fall season!


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