Winter Gardening and All Its Challenges

Winter gardening is hard! Especially in North Carolina we have a short growing season. Winter crops don’t like the heat, but you need the temperature to stay above freezing while they grow – this period seems to last about 2 seconds here!  We’ve had some uncommonly cold and rainy weather these past few weeks, and we’re losing our sunshine as the sun sinks lower in the sky and days shorten, so things are definitely slowing down. Last weekend I think we narrowly escaped a freeze, so I hope we may get another couple weeks of growth before we start to harvest.

While some crops are struggling to grow there are some that are thriving nonetheless! You can watch the progress of the crops in our What Are We Growing Gallery. We hope to have some more things big enough to eat by the end of the month so we can celebrate Farm to School in our cafeteria. Everybody do a sun dance!

Lettuce 9/24, 9/30, and 10/16. Aren’t those multi-colored leaves pretty?
Kale from 9/24-10/16. Already edible as “Baby Kale”!

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