Garden Club!

We had our first official Garden Club meeting today! With a great group of kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade, we met each other, got a little introduction to the space, and started right into weeding and trimming…


Kids learned how to tell the weeds from the plants. They dutifully used their tiny fingers to get out a TON of teeny little weeds that were taking over this box.


Maybe a little socializing in there too 🙂


Several kids found worms as they were weeding or digging. Almost all of them held a worm we found by gently passing it around from hand to hand. Then they started looking for more in areas of the garden that were not boxes. By the end, we had a good handful of worms to relocate into our garden boxes.

Tasting the garden goods
Taste testing kale

As we thinned the radishes, kids became interested in tasting not just radishes, but also radish leaves (which taste a little like radishes, as it happens). We went around and tasted lots of other things that we’re growing. Kids tried different lettuces and baby Kale. They noticed the different flavors and that several things were a almost spicy, and much more flavorful than they expected! They almost universally liked it and asked for more. This little girl enjoying the Kale tells me her parents “have never seen her eat a vegetable before.”  School Garden win!


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