Green Dragons Garden Work Party

We had a great day working in the garden on Saturday! It was a gorgeous day for working outside, and kids and grown-ups labored side by side to revitalize and fix up the area.


We trimmed and dug up a VERY overgrown patch of raspberry brambles that was threatening to eat the rest of the garden (and blind us all with its thorns while it was at it).


Kids worked hard to get the canes out of the clay ground.


We built a new raspberry box and set it in the ground to re-plant some of our healthiest, most robust raspberry canes. We even finally built the bean-pole bed that we’ve been fantasizing about for months. Looks cool, huh? We’ll add some poles, and once planted, kids will be able to go inside, like a teepee, to harvest.


It may not be obvious from the pictures, but it is looking waaaaay better! Can you see the overgrown bramble patch at the back of the first picture? Notice in the second one that there is a composter back there! And a bunch of other stuff I’d never been able to reach before.


We had to dig up some strawberry plants while we were at it. If anyone is interested in any of the leftover strawberries or raspberry canes, they are in a box in the garden. Help yourself! Otherwise they are compost.

Thanks so much to the families that took the time to come to the school and join us!


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