Earth Day in the Garden

We had some great Earth Day activities in the garden last week! Lots of classes used the space for some outdoor learning.

Mr. Raley’s 2nd graders are learning about fractions, so they did the work of “partitioning” our prepped garden beds into squares (for Square Foot Gardening). They used teamwork to wind twine around tacks at the edges of the beds to made grids.


Ms. Setser’s 2nd grade class is learning about the life cycle of butterflies. They helped plant up the herb bed to attract butterflies, and we hope some black swallowtail or other native butterflies will lay eggs in our parsley or dill. If we’re lucky we’ll get some caterpillars eating our parsley this summer and fall.

Ms. Setser’s class is studying the life cycle of butterflies. They planted up our annual herb bed to attract pollinators. We now have parsley, dill, basil, lavender, lovage, stevia, and thyme, in addition to our permanent rosemary, sage, and oregano.

Ms. Johnson’s 3rd grade class is studying soil and the needs of organisms. They helped us collect soil samples from around the garden to send to NC State for soil analysis testing.


They also got to pull and taste our first spring harvest! Radishes planted about a month ago are already ready to eat. Believe it or not, we cut them up and the class positively devoured them!


Kindergartners from Ms. Pauley’s class also helped collect some soil, and dig for worms, since they have studied annelids. They also got to plant up their own garden plot with tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflower seeds. Ms. Bond’s Kindergartners also planted a plot. They are growing Letc, Carits, Beets, Radshus, and all manner of other cutely-spelled veggies.

Kindergarteners today planted Letc, Carits, Beets, Radishus. They are so cute.
These Kindergartners are growing Letc, Carits, Beets, Radshus. Seeds sprout no matter how they are spelled!

Ms. Schaeffer’s 2nd graders took the leap of faith to plant some “mystery melons!” Volunteers from my home compost pile, they will probably be honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon. Time will tell!

We even got the the Garden Club to help transplant strawberries and the last of the seedlings after school.



About the minute we were finished we got a torrential thunderstorm and 2″ of rain in a single afternoon. Great timing!


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