Garden Club Plant Sale!

By the beginning of May, we had more tomato plants than we could realistically use in the garden. We decided to sell off our extras to raise money for other things we DO need. So the Garden Club kids had a plant sale outside the book fair.


In addition to our extra tomatoes, we had some donated by another family, and I dug up some starts from my yard of black and blue salvia (a butterfly and hummingbird favorite!) and Japanese anemone (originally from starts I carried in a suitcase from Oregon, after digging them up in my Mom’s yard). The kids also picked some herbs (sage, rosemary, parsley, thyme, oregano) and made bouquet garni bundles to sell, and tied colored yarn around them.

They made the signs and manned the table before and after school for 3 days. I was out sick all week, so I did not show up with them in the morning (or get pictures before it was over), and they truly did much of it on their own!. By Friday afternoon we were sold out. Thanks, Douglas community, for your support!

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