First Week of School: Seeds, Beetles, and Caterpillars!

We just had our first week of school and lots of kids got to kick off the year spending some time in the garden!

Ms. Mattson’s 1st Graders helped us save seeds for the spring. They each got to choose a dead flower head (marigold or zinnia) and dissect it. They separated the parts and saved the seeds in a little baggie. These will go in my freezer until spring, and then we’ll have new seeds to plant for free!

After saving seeds from a flower head or two, kids looked for bugs. There are lots of fun, colorful beetles out there right now. They had a fun treasure hunt finding them.


Ms. Yearout’s 1st grade class planted lettuce and kale seeds, which we’ll transplant (just as soon as I get a chance to clear out and prep some new beds!).


Mr. Raley’s 4th grade class also helped us separate seeds, including some of the more challenging things, like dill and basil. THEN one of them spotted this sucker on our tomato plants!


Confession: Tomato Hornworms give me the heebie jeebies. I was glad to have an entire class of 4th graders who seemed eager to pull them off the plants for me! They found at least a half dozen of them.


Down the drain they went. I was too chicken to squish them in front of a bunch of children, but the kids enjoyed watching them float away to their fate.

Mr. Raley’s class came out IN the rain, by the way. Not to be deterred, Mr. Raley brought an umbrella, and the kids didn’t seem to mind at all. We did most of the seeds separating under the cover of the hallway, but mostly they just wandered around. They couldn’t go to recess, so they stayed and planted some fall crops to sprout as well.

Thanks Douglas teachers for a great first week!


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