Hurricanes, Drought, and Cabbage Worms.

October came with some challenges this year, not the least of which was the arrival of Hurricane Matthew. After school re-opened post-hurricane, the garden looked like a war-zone. Every trellis had been blown over, garden boxes were broken, plants damaged, and garden supplies and materials had blown around and were strewn everywhere.


I put out an emergency call for parents in the afternoon, and with only 2-3 hours notice, about 4 other parents showed up to help! We got some power tools and some new lumber and lots of helping hands and managed to re-erect 2 of 3 trellises (the other one we decided was just done for the season), repair the garden boxes, support and tie up plants that had fallen. I am so grateful to our committed families for their support!

Following the hurricane, our next problem is drought, which continues as of this post. I never imagined I could say that in the same month we could experience 10 inches of rain in a single day, and also experience drought.

Along with the dry weather we had a big problem with cabbage worms decimating the Kale.


We don’t spray any chemicals in our garden, so I spent several afternoons taking care of cabbage worms the old-fashioned way: by carefully inspecting and hand-picking off the worms. Though I can’t get them all, for the most part the Kale seems to be recovering nicely by now.



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