Want to incorporate gardening into your curriculum? Not sure how? Megan Lewis, a teacher at Willow Springs Elementary in Wake County, created and published 62 lessons on the WCPSS Science Wiki that get kids into the garden AND are part of the Wake County Curriculum!

SCIENCE INTEGRATION: Gardening ties in well with the science curriculum for all grades. We have soil, worms, pill bugs, weather instruments, pollinators, habitat, and ecosystems ready and available for some hands-on, experiential learning.

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES: Using the garden effortlessly targets several of the multiple intelligences we advocate for at our school. In particular. we will always use: Nature Smart (outside, interacting with Nature), Visual-Spatial Smart (seeing and organizing things), Body Smart (touching and working with real objects), and People Smart (we work together in the garden!).

You can also visit the wiki file folder with all the lessons for all grade levels HERE.